I created the logo design and the title of my job. Question for myself: How to present me when first time meets clients?

At first, I thought to have a square business card. Yet, I think it is like a small card and people will easy to forget where they put my business card after they got it. I created my signature logo design with watercolor. I haven’t yet to choose the color I want. I just wanted to see the outcome of the design. It looks not bad but I should not choose these two colors- blue and purple.


Background: watercolor style. I chose the watercolor style as my background. What I think watercolor style is that watercolor is flexible. When people play with the watercolor, they can’t make the same shape with watercolor. It is flexible and unique.

Color: Orange. I chose the orange color. There have two reasons. Firstly, I like warm colors- red and orange. According to the Color Psychology, red is representing energy and passion, it is also representing anger. In addition, orange is the color of social communication and optimism. It is also representing happiness, joyful, the positive outlook. Based on my own personality, I prefer to have a positive outlook for my website and my promote pack.

References to the color: http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/meaning-of-colors.html

After getting the confirmation of the color and background, I created a square and a rectangle business card. I compared both of them, I prefer the rectangle business card. For the rectangle business card’s background, I think it is too orange (I mean, front and back background design are same). I do not like the same background’s design for front and back of business card. I keep the front side of my business card and changed the back of it. I left a white space on the back of business card. So that, it looks fresher when clients turn the business card to the another side.

square business card: front


square business card: back


rectangle business card: front


rectangle business card: back

The final business card I chose for promoting myself on the project and future.


Final business card I chose: front


Final business card I chose: back


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