Before I designed this CV, I had my own CV. Yet it is just a white plain background of CV, I did not know that we can send in a different CV to a company. I thought that white plain background of CV is professional and company only accept white plain background of CV. I did a part time job in the HR department of a company. The CVs I received are just white plain background.

Because I chose the orange color, I will stick with the orange I used for my business card. I was thinking I should make the whole CV in orange color or just the header. I do not make my CV too complicated. I decided and only put the orange color in the header. Yet, it is not really attracting to me. It is quite boring and old style.


Draft of CV: page 1


Draft of CV: page 2

And I tried to put the background of the business card into the header, it looks better than plain orange color. I like it. On the bottom of the CV, I put a line in orange color. There has a balancing on the design of the CV.


Final CV: page 1


Final CV: page 2


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