Before I published my website, I can make the website as under construction/ coming soon. Before the presentation, I set my website in under construction. No one can view my website before I done my website. I do not like to publish an uncompleted work to public.



My website is a one-page website. Clients do not need to click every page, they only need a finger to scroll the mouse. In my page, I will introduce myself with a short description, my skills sets, portfolio, services I will provide to clients and my contact information. Showing portfolio and contact information is a must. People like to see the works and if they like it, they can contact us immediately.


About: I have a short description about me on the ‘about’ session. In addition, clients can know my skill sets from my page as well. I know about Microsoft and Adobe software. Besides that, clients can see how many percents of my skill in Advertising Design, Web Design, and Photography. And also, I have other skills.


Portfolio: the client can see what I have done for my freelance works, college, and university. The portfolio is a prove that you have the skill. I organized my work. When the clients have interesting on my branding, they can only view my projects about branding. I have put my photography’s work into my portfolio.


Service: I have a very clear direction. I create this website because I want to get more freelance job. When clients view my website, they should know what services I can provide to them. They can’t just tell me they want to create a video which I am not good in. This session is to let the client know what I can provide. They will not get disappoint if I say “NO! I can’t do this and that.”


Latest Blog: I am not going to post all the details of my work’s process. I do not think that the client will read my process post one by one. For this blog, I will update that the summary of my work. I will write the progress of my work on it, but not all details. I think clients like to see the summary which is only some of the progress and the final artworks.

Contact: the clients have many ways to get in touch with me. They can send me an email or send me a message in the message box. And also, they can call me immediately. In addition, they can view my Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media at the footer.

With this website, I should put a copyright that protecting my picture and information.

Compared to my old website, I like my website so much. Clients can view my online portfolio and know everything about me. It looks professional. **clapping hand**


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