This Design Film Festival is an annual event since 2010. This festival is created by Anonymous studio company in Singapore. The first festival was in Asia. The Design Film Festival launched in Singapore and has travelled to more than 10 cities globally, such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Taipei, Berlin and Portland, with more than 100, 000 attendees. This festival is a curated collection of films on design. It’s including architecture, fashion design, product design, photography, urban design and more.

The video below is the highlights from the 5th Design Film Festival which held on last September. They had a different theme for each year. I like the theme they did for 2015 Design Film Festival.



In 2015, the theme is Depth of Width. It explores the roles of generalists and specialists in today’s design ecosystem. The work branding graphic reflects the cross-pollination of creative discipline and the increasingly multi-faceted roles of a designer.

Viv recommended this to me when I had a consultation with her. When I saw the design of the festival, it is modern. The thing I need to learn from this festival is the way of the design they created. I always want to create something like that. It’s is complicated and messy when I create this kind of design.







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