Got the layout and references from the different interesting website. I created a website for Design Academy. At first, I added an effect- animated for this website. For example, the image would fade in from the left and the title would fade in from the right. It sure not the final website I will show in the degree show exhibition. Viv gave me comments and it’s still not so interesting. Yes, it can’t attract me, it’s not interesting to me. If the work cannot attract the design, how can it attract other people?

And then, I tried to find a way to create the effect. I FOUND IT!! I was so happy when I got the effect. At first, I will simply put some image or text when testing the effect. After I got the result I want, I just apply my own design with the effect and edit it if there has the problem. Finally!! I did the multi-layer parallax effect for the home page. Horray~~ It’s really worth to spend hours to find out the way of creating the effect and apply the effect on the website. IT’S WORTH AND I LEARN!! And what about the rest? I couldn’t do the other effect I want for other sessions on the website. I met Slyvia and she taught me how to apply the effect. The effect Slyvia taught me is not the one I want but it is similar to the effect I want. I’m so happy with it. After that, I tried to apply my design on the website. They are working with the effect. The next thing I need to do is to design every background of the sessions.

I spent a week to think about the background and created the background for each session. This website is not that hard to create. The hardest part and challenge part is that how to make the website more interesting.

Anyway, I did it! It is not too perfect and professional like the website I did the research but I already tried my best to do the website. **clap hand for myself**

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.27.55









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