I did my website and the animations. I had the final presentation for presenting what I did and will show in the degree show exhibition. I just straight to the point that presented I have a website and 2 animations for the exhibition. It was not enough to show in the exhibition. I had the same thought with Viv. I need to do some print element for the exhibition. If not, no one will remember/ see my works.

I took the shower and thought an idea.  I had an idea which is creating a simple and clean posters. It would be a series of posters. I looked for some research and wanted to know what content or information that the posters need. Another question: what is the purpose of the poster for? Promoting the website? Ask people to sign up? Do we have the event and need to show out the date, time, and venue?

Think again and again of my purpose of the posters. And yes, I get the purpose. Ah ha! I just wanted to promote the website I create. I wanted the target audiences to visit the website. I came out a simple and clear posters. I was thinking that it is so simple if I only put my logo. So that, I just played the pattern with the letter “d” and “a”. And of cause, I need a nice background. I tried different background for the letter.



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