Spent few days for setting up the decoration of the exhibition and hanging up my poster. The first day of the setting up was to paint the wall. Because showing other students’ works, there has the damage on the wall. We need a professional and perfect exhibition. All of us painted the walls together. To be honest, it’s not a fun thing to do. Oppss~~  IMG_5109

We had our space to show our works. And we need to set up our works before a week of the exhibition. I crashed one of my posters with the cutter when cutting the board. OH NOOO!!   I showed Viv my poster from far way and asked her that did she see any problem of the poster? She didn’t realize any problem. Yeahhh~~  But everyone can see the crash when they walk closer to the posters. The next day, I went to uni at 930am. I thought I hang up the posters within an hour and then print my portfolio. It was just my wish. I spent 5 hours for hanging up three of them. It was not easy!! Anyway, my 3 posters finally hang up with a nice order. FINALLY!!

After getting done to hang up the posters, it’s time to set up the Mac and key in Design Academy’s website URL.



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