This is my last year. FINALLY!! There have not too many subjects for this year. Key Idea is the first subject I need to submit end of the year, 2015. The project is to let us know the deeper knowledge of the project we chose. In the beginning, I did not know which project I can do. I did not know what title I interested on. I talked to my tutor and my classmates. I got the idea for the proposal essay. I have interested in the event and need time to gain the knowledge of it. With this project, I learned and I gained the knowledge. Before this projects, I only had the basic knowledge of the event planning. And now, I have the knowledge about event planning and event marketing.

The next subject is Present and Promote. In this subject, I had 3 projects. The first project is Self-Promote. It was a project that tutor can help students to create the online portfolio and gave the comments on the CV and the other design elements. I made a website as my online portfolio. I did not know how to create a website with WordPress. In the beginning, it was hard to create it. Once I used to do with WordPress, it is not that hard to create a website. In addition, I create my business card. It is a good idea to create the business card. I plan to give my business card when I interview for a job in future. It makes me look more professional. And also, I can give my business card for my freelance job. The second project of this subject is RSA- Waste Not, Want Not. I liked this project. I wanted to create a campaign that advice people not to waste the food. During the period of doing this project, I did have any good idea for the campaign for Waste Not, Want Not. Yet, I got the idea after the project. Sometimes I hate I have this kind of behavior that I do not have a good idea when doing the project. But, I have many ideas for the past project. Oh No!! The third project for this subject I had is D&AD- Adobe Creative Cloud. I did not well in this project. I did not know how to create re-imagine logo design. I need to practice and challenge myself for the re-imagine logo design. At first, I thought the only thing I need to do is just that re-design the logo and create a launch campaign. I had the idea for the campaign yet I am not really satisfied with the re-imagine logo design of Adobe Creative Cloud.

The last project is my final major project for this advertising design course. I spent 3 months on this project. I want to promote a new programe, Design Academy, by Design Council. At the beginning, still the same process, we need to do the research about the project. I really do not like to do the research for every project. I just do the primary research for the project and then I just straight away to do the logo design. I had the comments from the tutors and changed it to the final one. I like to create many logos that I can do for the website so I can choose the best one and the one I like. Other things I challenged myself on this project are that created the interesting website and motion graphic videos. I created a multi-layer parallax website. This is the first time to create a multi-layer parallax. I learnt how to create multi-layer parallax website. And the other thing I learnt is the motion graphic video. I had zero knowledge of the motion graphic. I learnt it from YouTube and asked Laura for helping. In the end, I did not think it is enough elements for the degree show. I came out the idea of  posters. The posters are so simple and clear information. I had the alphabet on the poster and the link for the visitors to click on the web page of Design Academy.

This whole year, I was not hardworking. I knew it!! Yet, I know my weakness that I am not good in doing the research. I do not like to do the research. I know that we have to do the research before creating a design. This is another thing I should change for my future. I did not do very well on research and I can’t do the design in success. I am so happy that learn a lot of things in these 2 years and improved on my design. 😀